Thanks for supporting Map Glyphs.

As a paying license holder, you're free to use the icons and fonts in commercial and non-commercial purposes, for yourself, your company and your clients, and to edit, remix and otherwise modify.

You may not sell or redistribute the icons or fonts themselves as icons or fonts.

You may not use the icons or fonts in a way that encourages downstream distribution. This means no templates or skins or theme kits or similar uses. (The person using the theme or template might not know where the icons came from and thus wouldn't be following the license.)

The icons or fonts may not be used in any form of "easy app builder" tools or websites. Xcode is acceptable; point-and-click app creator websites are not.

The icons or fonts may not be redistributed under any other license without expressed written permission.

Please do not resell them as icons or fonts or use them in app builder tools or templates. If you have a question, email hello at

Refund Policy

Since these are digital files, no refunds or exchanges will be granted after completed purchase and download. Additional downloads available upon request up to 60 days after purchase.

Free Map Glyphs & Attribution

The free map icons and fonts require attribution in the form of a note and a link back to the Map Glyphs website.

Preferred attribution

The preferred attribution on your site, design, app or anything else is:

Map Icons by

Paid version

For the paid version, no attribution is required for use by you, your company, or your clients. But if you'd like to spread the word by linking to Map Glyphs from your site, blog, Twitter it would be much appreciated.