Putting Map Glyphs on your site is easy as 1, 2 , 3 ...

Step 1: Download Map Glyphs

Firstly, you'll want to download the latest version of Map Glyphs.

Step 2: Create a "mapglyphs" folder

Secondly, create “mapglyphs/2.0” folders under your root folder (you know, where you put your css, image folders, etc.) and put all the contents of the Map Glyphs Zip in there. There should be a .css, .eot, .svg, .woff and .ttf file.

Step 3: Put in one line of code

Lastly, paste the following code into the <head> section of your site's HTML.

<link href="path/to/mapglyphs/2.0/mapglyphs.css" rel="stylesheet">

That's it, you're now ready to start putting Map Glyphs on your site. Have a look at some examples and soon you'll be ready to take on the .